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Cleveland Wave
The Cleveland Wave Volleyball Club’s mission is to provide players with an opportunity to learn the game of volleyball at the highest possible level while simultaneously learning important life lessons of teamwork, commitment, time management, sportsmanship and dependability.

CWVBC is committed to providing a positive and supportive environment for each player to ensure maximum growth and development. CWVBC players will come to know the importance of always giving their best effort, to learn from failures, celebrate successes and carry forward the values we share for the betterment of the rest of their lives beyond volleyball.


Effort: We believe in personal best effort, regardless of outcome. Passion: We instill love for the sport that encourages volleyball for life. Respect: We promote ethical behavior, fair play and respect for the game and all its participants. Integrity: We act in a fair and consistent and transparent manner. Dedication: We expect all members to make a commitment to the club, coaches & teammates. Excellence: We set, work towards, and achieve the highest standards.

Wave Players

Learn about The Cleveland Wave Volleyball Club.  Club dates, registration information, important documents, FAQ, and more.

Cleveland Wave Volleyball Club is proud to host JO Teams, summer camps, open gyms, sand tournaments and a developmental program Learn more information and register today.

Meet the Wave Coaching staff. Interested in joining the team? Fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Learn more about Cleveland Wave Directors: April Pillar, Brittany Centorbi, and Erika Boyes.

Important information such as required documents and forms, fee schedule, club costs and much more can be found on this page.

Tryouts take place in the Summer and the Fall. Athletes must pre-register for tryouts.

Cleveland Wave is proud to offer its athlete's skills training and mental performance training at Sharpen Skills Training. 978 Pearl Rd. Brunswick, OH 44212

Learn more about or skilled and knowledgeable coaches!


Interested in being a Cleveland Wave Coach? Get in touch by filling out the form below.

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